The Morning After…

In Travel on April 26, 2012 at 5:30 am

If you read my previous post about my trip to Nepal, you will know I ended my day with the world spinning around me. We had reached Nepal’s second largest city of Pokhara and would start our trek into the mountains the following morning, I hadn’t eaten at all, had been constantly throwing up; how I was throwing up without any food in my guts was beyond me but the 10 minutes immediately after puking felt really nice and relaxed… and then the nausea would start again…

In order to start our trek into the mountains we had to drive out to Nayapul, which was another hour and a half from where we were at Pokhara and as luck would have it, there was a 3 day strike called out in Nepal, which meant we would not be able to hire any car, cab, bus etc. The solution: we would drive out to Nayapul at 3:30 am before the strike’s official start time. I was nervous, worried, unsure. My condition was bad and I didn’t want to be the dead weight in the mountains bogging my companions down. But I had good friends around me, and a very cheerful, supremely optimistic Nepali guide, who insisted that I would be perfectly fine with utmost confidence. And then I discovered I could actually have oranges without immediately running for the plastic bags! Those beautiful oranges sold on carts all along the roads of Pokhara. And I felt better….

We bunked in for the night and were up in a few hours to start our trek. Before writing more about the mountains, our trek and my novice insights, I wanted to share some pictures of Pokhara. The touristy areas, as the locals call it, was quite nice and peaceful. Our small hotel was cosy, the people friendly and everyone greets you with  ‘Namaste!’ which would initially take me by surprise (I was a bit disoriented!) and I wouldn’t know how to reply but got the hang of it later.

Door lock at our hotel

Door lock at our hotel. I loved this! I want one of these for home but they were not for sale. When I asked about it they thought I was one crazy tourist! lol...

Fewa Lake or Lake Fewa

Fewa Lake or Lake Fewa. I needed some peace and quiet...

Boats on Fewa Lake in Pokhara

Boats on Fewa Lake in Pokhara. You can rent these and just chill in the middle of the lake.

Bye bye Pokahara, hello mountains!


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