Today’s thought: get fit!

In Uncategorized on February 14, 2012 at 10:56 am

I want to get fit; or fittish :). I need to get fit. I keep repeating that in my read but there is a stronger voice that tends to dominate: Laziness. I am lazy. There, I admit it. I am lazy! *sigh* 

So since I have started to blog (let’s see how long this lasts), I thought why not use the blog to help myself stick to a fitness routine. I don’t want to do anything fancy, just want to keep it simple enough so that I actually follow through with it. My mind wanders easily and has an annoying knack of dumping thoughts of doing useful things in the ‘forgotten’ compartment. Too lazy even to remember to go for a walk, get some cold fresh air, breathe. Ok, not so bad…

Now on to the planning of my fitness routine! I do have a membership at the gym but can’t remember the last time I actually went there. This is embarrassing and what a waste of hard earned cash. Let me start with this:

1. Walk for 3km thrice a week

2. Visit gym once a week and use those fancy machines. Ermm.. I need help! 

I will probably play around with this and improvize as I go along. Don’t have a specific plan. Let me start by just moving! 

Oh and I want to incorporate use of the Nike Training Club (NTC) app! The app is cool and the workouts are easy to watch but difficult to replicate 😀  That’s the challenge for me: Get into a fitness routine, stick with it, and get fit enough to complete a beginner level workout on NTC!

Pathetic, but it’s a start!


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